Our Mission:

Lisa R Gray, Founder & President

To provide support and encouragement to those persons who may have been molested and felt the guilt and shame which surrounds this misuse of authority figures

✓ We speak, promote, and write regarding this hidden crime against our most vulnerable populations

✓ We sponsor, host/participate in events and activities that promote public awareness of abuse survivors, symptoms, coping mechanisms, prevention and reasons for not speaking up

✓ We speak as an expert witness for victims as the criminal justice process

✓ We support all those who find themselves in any type of sexual coercion, sex trafficking, pornography, prostitution, gentleman’s clubs, and all types of sex workers.

Our History

My own daughter was molested by her stepfather for many years without my knowledge, since that time, we have worked tirelessly to ensure no other child has to go through the hurt. Since writing the book, “They Don’t Tell Child Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective” the number of people who are willing to share their story, and the number who are still in need of supportive services has been mind boggling. Hence the start of this non-profit as a vehicle to help those in need of a multiplicity of services.

Information: Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Public Speaker

Communication: Support Groups, Collaboration, Community Forums,

Education: Public Education Campaigns, Interview those ready to “Tell their story”, Expert Witness Services

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